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The Inseine Difference

With so many jigs on the market, why buy Inseine Fishing jigs?

Great question! So we decided to write about just what makes are jigs different.

Jig Head

It really starts at the head of our jig. Lots of companies use jig head molds from Do-It-Molds to make their jig heads. And to be honest there is nothing wrong with that approach but also nothing unique either.

Our jig heads are our own design. The flipping jig started with a basic arkie style jig head as this a proven design but we really wanted to improve on it. The football jig originally was just a standard football jig but to really get the recessed line tie we had to go a little odd. We added more lead and created a completely unique shape of football jig. Not only does it keep the line tie recessed but it performs fantastically in the water with not getting hung up in the rocks!

Recessed Horizontal Line Tie

We had to have a recessed line tie in our jig as we really feel that an exposed line tie results in more hang ups. This took some work with our mold maker to get just right as well as maintain proper hook placement. Every one of our flipping jig and football jig heads has a recessed horizontal line tie that not only works well in cover but also the direction of the line tie gives it the right presentation.

Grooved Head

We wanted to add grooves to our jig heads for a couple of reasons. The main being that we tested and felt it improved on the skipping ability of the flipping jig as well as created some additional water disturbance with both the flipping and football jig.

We found in our testing that the skipability (not even sure that is a word!) really improved with the additional grooves.


One of the most difficult aspects of creating a jig is what paint to use. We throw these jigs against rocks, wood, pipes and who knows what other objects under water. And so the paint had to be really solid. So we worked with a variety of manufactures and settled on the Boss Armor Powder paint. Sure paint is going to come off eventually but we believe our jigs will really take a beating and still look exceptional.

Skirt Material

There are lots of manufacturers for skirt material and it took us a bit of time to find just the right material. Our material is strong and has some of best colors on the market.

Band vs Hand Tied

This was the toughest design decision we made. So tough that we decided to do both! We surveyed Elite pros, FLW pros and numerous local fisherman on their preference. You would have thought we were starting a new religion for the passion shared on this topic.

Our 910 series uses rattle bands that are extremely high quality and extremely resilient. After testing and numerous fish, our bands simply do not come off. Alot of this had more do with the shank design of our jig head but also the band itself.

Our upcoming 413 series will feature hand-tied skirts. It will be in a limited color selection as this series was designed by an Elite pro and feature the colors that he personally throws in his boat.

So I hope this gives you a little more insight into why we belief our jigs are some of the best on the market. And with such a wide variety of options out there, we are happy that you have chosen to give us a shot!