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Summer Fishing is here!

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Here in Oklahoma the weather has turned HOT! So summer fishing is definitely here and that means moving off shore to find those bass. FLW and Major League Fishing Pro -  Scott Ashmore, offers us some great tips on Summer Time Fishing!

"This time of year you can tear them up on points, drops, ledges, rock piles and deep brush piles.

One of my favorite weapons for this style of fishing is a football jig. I fish this the jig most of the time with fairly aggressive action, I don't just drag it on the bottom. I hop it off the bottom and then give it a couple quick tip shakes imitating a fleeing crawdad setting it back on the bottom and repeat.

Most of your bites will happen on the fall. The bass think that it is going to go get under a rock where they can't get to it. This action triggers more strikes especially if you can hit some rocks or shell beds with it in the process.

Most of the time I like to throw a 3/4 oz. allowing me to really bang into structure creating some attention to trigger a bite."

Working with Scott, we have put together a great kit featuring 8 football jigs in some of our best colors all packaged in a Plano tackle box (23600) with our own Inseine Fishing logo. Includes more space to add other colors as well.

So check out our Summer Time Kit here!

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