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What trailers, Part One

Jig fishing is an art form in an of itself and there are so many options and techniques to be used in order to be successful.

So as we continue our series on jig fishing, we felt it appropriate to discuss trailers to be used on jigs.

Style of Trailers

Trailers are just as varied as jigs and which you use all depends on the conditions (water clarity and temperature) and where your are fishing (depth, cover type and structure). But just like most of fishing, there are no hard set rules just suggestions.

There are typically two main style of trailers, chunk or craw, as it relates to jigs but by no means is this the limit. We see other kinds of trailers such as grub tail, double grub tail, swimbait, and even creature baits. But for simplicity sake, we are going to limit our discussion to chunks and craws.


Chunk style trailers like the NetBait Paca Chunk or the Zoom Baits Chunk (Super Chunk, etc) are designed to provide a bit more action for your jig and I would suggest make your jig look a bit more like a crawdad.

I personally like the Paca Chunk and specifically the Green Pumpkin version because it is smaller than the full size craw style trailers. They provide just the right amount of action and it is possible to catch more than one fish per trailer as well as being more economical at just $2.19 a pack at Tackle Warehouse. (Review of Paca Chunks)

Another really nice chunk style is the Strike King Rage Tail Chunk. When I first started jig fishing, I would buy a pack of the Strike King Rage Craws and bite about half the body off to get the right profile I was looking for. Well at $5.50 a pack, I was not excited about that but they always seemed to catch bass for me. But with the Rage Tail Chunk, I was able to still get the profile and action that I wanted without having to bite off anything. Only saved about $.20 per pack but made it easier for me on the water.

So how do you choose between the two? Well to be honest, I fish mostly with the Paca Chunk in colder water or in clearer water when I want less action and use the Rage Tail Chunk in spawn and summer when I want more action.

One trick I do with the Rail Tail Chunks is dye the tips of the claws with either orange or yellow die. I use Spike It Scented Markers to dye the tips but only about 1/4 inch and then I use a black Sharpie to draw a line across the tip. Something I learned a while back and it has become a confidence thing for me.


When I want a much bigger profile (dirty water), I default to using a craw style trailer. Now to be honest, there is very little difference for me between the chunk and craw style trailers that I like. The Rage Tail Chunk is a smaller version of the Rage Craw.

But again it has to do with water clarity for me and so I will go with a craw style trailer to add more mass to my jig. There are other craw style trailers but I have caught most of my fish on the Rage Tail Craw so I stick with what I am comfortable with.

All in all, it will come down to what you catch bass with and develop your own confidence in. There are lots of options for trailers but I am confident that if you are trying out new trailers, you cannot go wrong with any of the above.

I have provided a few additional links to other manufacturers that make good trailers below.

Next time I will talk about color selection, until then enjoy tight lines and big bucket mouths!


Yum Baits - Craws/Chunks

Zoom Baits - Trailers

Tightlines UV - Trailers




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